How Energetic Kinesiology can help in Men’s Emotional Lives.

My guest in this episode is Sam Kinsman, holistic therapist who helps clients live their lives to the fullest in their emotional, personal and professional potential.

Sam said: „I have found that the issues that my clients are working on are often ones that I myself and working on in my personal life as well. There have been many situations where the work that I do with a client helps not only them, but myself as well in my own personal life. In fact, in each session between a client and the therapist there is an exchange of energy, where not only the client but also the therapist receives positive energy and important lessons for life.“

We made this interview in Costa Rica in the place where Samuel performs his therapies.

Despite centuries of stereotypes, a new study finds that men are just as emotional as women. Men have the same ups and downs, highs and lows as women do. And that is good news for all of us.

We, women, are mothers and most of us will become a mothers and this topic is very needed for us because with education we can influence how men are going to rethink about emotions and how men are going to show their emotions the same like women do.

We will discuss the patterns that Sam have observed in men during his therapy sessions. Also about specific challenges that he has addressed with men and the strategies that we use to address them.

  • Anger is one of the few emotions that we know how to express. Sam will give us some example and he will compare its with another emotions.
  • What are the emotions that men show the least?
  • What is the most common problem clients come up with when it comes to emotions?

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